Tembusu Senior Activity Centre

In 2004, the then Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) appointed 4S to set up and manage a neighbourhood link centre at Eunos Crescent. The centre, located on the rooftop of a multi-storey car park, was named Tembusu Neighbourhood Link (TNL) and commenced operations on 26 Jun 06.

In 2009, MCYS decided to reposition the Neighbourhood Link programme to give focus to elderly persons living in Housing Development Board (HDB) rental blocks. Consequently, TNL was renamed Tembusu Seniors Activity Centre (TSAC) in March 2010. The primary purpose of TSAC is to serve elderly residents living in Blocks 1, 2 and 12 at Eunos Crescent.

In February 2012, Tembusu Free Clinic (TFC) at Blk 3 Eunos Crescent was merged with TSAC under one management committee. In April 2013, TFC ceased operations.


To be the hub for activities and the first stop centre for social services for seniors living in the HDB rental flats in Eunos Crescent

Opening Hours

Programmes and Services

TSAC aims to be a neighbourhood focal point in the Eunos community. Programmes and services are designed to engage the seniors, encourage community involvement and establish a local support network. The objective is to improve the general well-being of the residents, in particular, to facilitate elderly persons living in the three HDB rental blocks at Eunos Crescent to age-in-place.

TSAC aims to achieve its goal and reach out to its three target groups, namely the well seniors, frail seniors and persons with social service needs through the following ways:

  • Engaging the Seniors
  • Establishing a Local Support Network
  • Providing Social Work Service & Health Education
  • Promoting Senior Volunteerism

Summary of Programmes and Services

Tembusu Work Therapy Programme

On 4 Mar 10, a group of five volunteers from Starspur Enterprise Ltd initiated a programme to teach seniors how to make soft toys, inspirational card, origami and other handiwork. On 29 Jan 11, the programme was named Tembusu Work Therapy Programme (TWTP) with the objective of engaging seniors in diversionary work-related activities. The products produced are sold and revenue goes towards purchasing materials and incidental expenses for the programme.

The programme not only provides seniors with a platform to share and learn skills in their free time but also allows them to interact and bond with each other so as to build a social support network over time. The weekly sessions attracted an average of eight senior participants.

TWTP has also received corporate and bulk orders for Dinner and Dance for AMK Family Service Centre as well as a wedding favour order. All products and items will be sold at selected flea markets to showcase to public. 

You can check out our website via here

Tembusu Food Aid Programme

The Tembusu Food Aid Programme (TFAP) is a volunteer-driven programme that provides individuals/families in need with monthly food parcels. In 1996, 4S started to fund this islandwide programme which was then known as Food Aid and Befriending Programme and operated from the Sathya Sai Baba Centre. 

The programme was renamed TFAP on 11 Nov 09 to better reflect the nature of service it provided. The operations of the programme relocated to Eunos Crescent on 2 Jan 10.  TFAP came under the ambit of TSAC in February 2012. On 23 Mar 12, TFAP realigned its operations to focus on the general well-being of the needy residents in Eunos. 

Two types of food parcels are distributed to the needy individuals/families on the food aid programme. The normal parcel contains staple necessities that cater to a family’s general needs. The special parcel contains four additional food items catering to those with special needs. 

Volunteers are grouped into teams to pack the food parcels and distribute on first Sunday of the month.