Human Resource Management

To help attain the mission of being a ‘widely respected social service organisation in Singapore providing holistic and quality services’, Sathya Sai Social Service (4S) needs staff with diverse expertise, experiences, compassion and commitment to serve the less fortunate.
A five-pronged strategic thrust has been adopted to build a talent pool to facilitate the work-life balance between achieving 4S’ mission and enabling staff to attain quality of work-life.

Emphasising and adopting a service user-centered culture

Everyone in 4S, regardless of role or position, is expected to adopt values such as being service user-focus, having integrity and the can-do spirit as well as working as a team in every interaction with the service users while achieving personal excellence.

Attracting and retaining talents

4S adopts a fair and non-discriminatory practice of selecting and recruiting staff based on merits such as qualifications, competencies, experiences and having the right fit for the job regardless of age, gender, ethnicity and religious beliefs.

Creating and developing a strong learning and team culture

4S invests significantly in training and development so as to build a skilled and professional workforce and to help staff develop their potential to the fullest. Staff at every level are encouraged to devote at least 50 hours of training a year to broaden knowledge and for capability building. Customised training courses are arranged to strengthen expertise and to build new capabilities.

Encouraging balanced work-life harmony

4S recognises the importance of making sure that staff well-being and work-life needs are met in order to build a more productive workforce. Practical work-life balance practices such as part-time employment, flexible work arrangements and a comprehensive leave package, have been progressively introduced to help staff give attention to work, self and family and to meet the varied interests and needs of staff of different age groups.

Recognising staff’s contributions

4S’ remunerations and benefits system aim at connecting staff performance to 4S’ mission and goals. It is an equitable system which reflects the ability, experiences and contributions of staff and to ensure market competitiveness.

Join us as part of the 4S family

Sathya Sai Singapore

If you are interested to join us as:

  • Assistant Head of residential care facility

  • Assistant Manager of community-based centre

  • Staff Nurse of residential care facility or community-based centre

  • Health Attendant of residential care facility or community-based centre

  • Social Worker or Caseworker of residential care facility

  • Programme Executive of community-based facility

  • Personal Care Officer of residential care facility

  • Nurse Aide of residential care facility

Please email your resume, with expected salary, to: hr@4s.org.sg or visit us at:
Jobstreet, My Career Future, National Council of Social Service

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