NCSS Volunteer Management Consultancy Project

4S recognizes the importance of volunteerism in building a caring community that inspires others to do good, and in improving the organisation's volunteer management processes to create a meaningful and rewarding volunteer experience for all volunteers.

As part of our commitment in strengthening our volunteer management capabilities and driving impactful volunteerism in Singapore, 4S joined 15 other Social Service Agencies (SSAs) in participating in the Volunteer Management Capability Development (VMCD) consultancy project organised in collaboration between the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) and Ernst & Young. 

With the guidance and support of the project consultants, 4S developed senior-friendly volunteer roles suitable for service users to take on. This initiative aligns with the organization's strategy to empower seniors through senior volunteerism. The redesigned roles have promoted participation among service users, and highlighted senior volunteers as active contributors to the community and role models of active aging.

After the project completion, the volunteer management team also had the opportunity to share about their experience in redesigning volunteer roles with close to 190 passionate volunteer management practitioners and staff from over 130 agencies at the NCSS webinar session on 'Navigating the Volunteer Role Redesign Process'.

Moving forward, 4S remains committed to learn and grow in our volunteer management capabilities, and we look forward to continuing our efforts to foster meaningful volunteerism in Singapore.